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The Additional Benefits of the emWave2

Now, there are a bunch of difference ways to benefit from the emWave2 device. Just think about it for a moment. There may be anxiety surrounding a decision you have to make, as well as stress that results from having not made a decision yet. This is the human condition and it’s a rather slippery slope.

Let’s say for example you’re thinking of doing a 72T process for your finances. While a consulting firm like GCBAdvisors could certainly do this for you, you may want to try it on your own, taking on the anxiety and stressful burden. Or, you may be thinking about the best places to retire overseas, and the research is exhausting you.

This is exactly what this personal stress relieving device can help you with. When you’re feeling these stresses, you’ll naturally feel them less when you train for heart coherence, which the unit teaches you to understand and accomplish.

Stress relief also takes other forms. Like starting up a hobby. Finding the best metal detector, or looking through metal detector reviews, is a great way to get started if you’re not sure where to begin.

This is done through activating a positive emotion, focusing on your heart center, breathing about 3-5 seconds in, 3-5 seconds out, while making sure to keep this process up and let go. Let go of your thoughts and emotions. The device will help you get into the green.

Once you’re in the green, training to stay there for as long as you can is important. Your body will get more and more used to this state when you’re in it more often. About 15-20 minutes a day of training is recommended, although you can do more.

From there, it’s all about consistency. The more you train, the more time you’ll get in when it comes to getting your body into this useful, unique state of being. And you’ll want to get it acquainted with this often. Stick with it for a few weeks and you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time.

Coach Tom • May 18, 2015

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